Yacht Cruising Itinerary

Yacht Itinerary

Sailing Yacht Dragon Itinerary.
There is no set sailing route to be taken. Wind and weather conditions together with guests’ preferences help to decide where we sail to and anchor for the night. Each day there is always time for swimming, in a delightful bay then sailing on to another destination and finding a safe anchorage for the night. Most nights the evening meal will be at a waterside tavern or on board if anchored in a secluded bay.
For those not familiar to sailing our average speed is 5 mile per hour so distances covered during a normal day are between 20 – 25 miles. Experienced sailors may wish to travel further spending more time at sea, rather than exploring bays and coastal regions. We recommend you do not try to go too far so you can fully relax and experience the ambiance of each island or bay.

A typical 1 Week Charter
Starting at Gouvia Marina & cruising amongst the Northern Ionian Islands.

Day 1:  Gouvia Marina. Board and provision yacht. Normal takeover time is 5pm but normally the yacht is ready by 3pm. In some instances, we can depart the marina the same day.
Day 2:  Depart Gouvia. Head South towards: – Pagania or Sivota Islands or Petreti or Iggy Creek.
Day 3:  Head towards: – Lakka or Giaos on Paxos.
Day 4:  Start early and explore the stunning west coast of Paxos and lunch in a Bay in Anti Paxos. Anchorage for the night either in Mongonisi, or Giaos.
Day 5:  Head East towards: – The Greek Mainland: – Parga or Agios Yannis.
Day 6:  Head North towards: – Pagania or Sivota Islands or Petretti or Iggy Creek.
Day 7:  Head North towards: – Siyahda, or Nisaki or Agni or St Stephanos or Vidho Island.
Finish at Gouvia Marina early evening.
Day 8: Depart yacht at 10 am

2 Week Charters.
This opens so many different choices to explore both Northern and Southern Ionian.
The charter can start at Gouvia Marina or sometime further South i.e. Preveza or Levkas.

Northern Ionian region includes: Corfu, Ericousa, Orthoni, Mainland Greece, Sivota Islands, Parga, Paxos, Anti-Paxos and numerous bays.

Southern Ionian region includes: Lefkada, Ithaca, Cephalonia, Skorpios, Kalamos, Kastus, Meganisi, Atoko, Dragonera, Arkudi. Preveza, the Gulf of Amvrakia and numerous Bays.